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Televic CoCon Audio Routing | audio routing

This license allows the user to configure advanced audio routings between several inputs and outputs (Dante I/O, Auxiliary I/O, microphone groups) using an intuitive matrix UI.

Televic CoCon Authentication | authentification

Cocon Authentication is the application within the CoCon suite that manages delegate registration, identification and voting authorization (CoCon Voting required). The module offers the possibility to organize meetings using a free seating principle. It is a plugin for CoCon Discussion, so the latter is required to run CoCon Authentication, whenever used for voting authorization also CoCon Voting is required.

Televic CoCon Discussion | basis programvare

CoCon Discussion is a subset of the CoCon Conference Control Software Suite. The server / client based database driven module contains several applications to support the preparation and administrative process before meetings and the control during the meeting: - CoCon Room Server - CoCon Room Configurator - CoCon Meeting Manager - CoCon Operator Application - Microphone activity protocol acting as input for camera tracking integrations. - API available for communication with 3rd party applications The CoCon Discussion module serves as the basis of the suite and is needed to add other plugins

Televic CoCon Documentation | dokumentbehandling

CoCon offers additional functionality with regard to Documents and their management, if this license module is present. A meeting can be enhanced with documents that can be added, either general documents, as well as meeting agenda-specific documents are supported.

Televic CoCon Import/Export | eksport/import delegatlister

This module provides additional functionality to import and export data to/from CoCon from various formats (XML, Word), as well as advanced printing features. Is is a plugin for CoCon Discussion, so the latter is required to run CoCon Import/Export.

Televic CoCon Interpretation | tolkemodul

This module allows the use of the Interpreter Application for language, channel and desk configuration and monitoring of booth/desk activity. It also allows you to define the booths and desks in the Room Configurator.

Televic CoCon Messaging/Services | multimedia messaging

With this license module, it is possible to send messages between delegates mutually and between delegates and the operator(s). On top of that, the meeting can be augmented with a number of pre-defined services. The delegates are able to request these services during the meeting, and the catering staff can see this request easily and respond to it.

Televic CoCon Nameplate | modul for nameplate

Web-based management software to easily and quickly configure the content of the Plixus Nameplate, even while the meeting is in progress. From participant names, over logos, to combinations of participant names and titles. Data can be provided by the existing CoCon delegate database or imported from an Excel list.